An idea I have been toying around with for a while now. 
BathBloc aims to bring a cheaper and easier alternative to saving water by taking inspiration from the most sustainable habits and the objects which contribute to it.
With a cork outer shell and a plastic tank beneath it, a unique typology is established. 
Detailing on the cork body allows better handling of the product 
With a squeezable silicon membrane, the new mug pumps out water through a simple squeeze allowing effortless bathing with the same amount of control over consumption
Just a simple counter-clockwise spin of the outer cork cover unlocks the two parts allowing the tank to slide out
As simple as a normal bucket, any wall tap can be used to fill the bucket up....
...but in case of hard to reach sources of water, the mug can be detached to expose the connection to the tank and give easy accessibility.
BathBloc acts like a furniture for your bath space, redefining the way you take a bath by giving more options for comfort and ease.
Limit your everyday bath to just 20 liters of water. Without the hassle of installations and complicated plumbing, BathBloc strikes the right balance between easy and effective sustainability
Aside from being comfortable, cork is a natural insulator. The stool shells the water tank and maintains the inside temperature allowing water to remain warm till the next shower. 
Stripped down to its bare essentials, BathBloc aims to be truly low tech and independent as a product
Evolving an almost archaic product, the new typology of the bucket and mug aims to challenge the thought of having a harmony between sustainability and comfort 
A Work In Progress project. 
More updates coming soon.

Thank You

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